Here are 3 photos from Tracey Stoll AHS class of 1974
Two pictures of Tracey Stoll and Julie (Landon) Huisman are from May '03 when Jules was here in southern California for a brief visit.
Picture #1
The one w/food is at a Greek restaurant - dinner al fesco after we had been toThe Producers with Jason Alexander & Martin Short.   The man in the dinner photo is Al Shine.  The other one of Julie & me is self-expanatory.  :-)
Picture #2
The photo of the Chinese Fringe Tree was taken this April ('04) on the campus of the retirement community where Tracey works.  The fringe trees bloom for about a week each year in April, and they are gorgeous.  I was goofing around for a couple of residents who were trying out their new digital camera.  I like the colors in the photo even tho it's not a good picture of me!
Picture #3