Buenos Dias a Todos
I thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you at the reunion!  What a great time!  Thank you reunion committee for all of your hard work.
Work:  I am still teaching middle schoolers but have switched completely to Spanish.  Now I have taught English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Computers and Spanish.  I still like a challenge and love to keep my brain sharp.  (I have to because CRS is setting in quickly).  I really enjoy the kids and will never be bored as each day is completely different even if the subject matter stays the same.  I've learned so much from my students that I can truely say that Teens Rock!
Family:  My oldest son, Austin, 20 went to one year of ASU and then took a year off because, even though he did well, couldn't see spending the money if he wasn't sure about his career choice.  He was into vocal music for awhile and thought he was going to sing professionally, but that was not to be.  Now, after a year off, some urging from mom, and falling in love, he has decided to go back to school and may even teach like his mom.  If not, then possibly web-page design or restaurant management.  I guess he still has some decisions to make.
My youngest son, Brandon, 17 will be a senior here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is my student and loves school.  He also sings, does church work, helps with Habitat for Humanity, and works at a local restaurant 20 hours per week and still manages to keep his 4.2 GPA.  He is headed to a state school in Arizona, not sure which, and will be entering a pre-law program.  I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I support him no matter what.
I got a divorce in 1998 after 16 years of marriage.  No regrets.  There were fun times but ultimately a good decision not to be together anymore.  The guy I brought to the reunion was my new beau, Tom.  It was love at first sight, a first for me, and has been non-stop fun ever since.  So, even at our age, we can find love again.  Don't ever stop believing in love!
You can reach me at:
Teri Engle
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Scottsdale, Az.  85254
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Love y'all!