Hello, everyone! 

I'm still in Cincinnati, working as Creative Director for an insurance company and no, that's not nearly the oxymoron you think it is.  Job's great, although working for a conservative company in a conservative industry in a conservative city is a tough trio to endure. Strains my rebellious credibility! 
Husband Larry and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this September; just watched my daughter Maren graduate with honors from high school a few days ago.  Daughter Jourdi will start 9th grade in the fall.   We're sharing space with several billion cicadas this summer during their 17-year emergence (anybody else out there going through this?) and I look forward to getting away from the buzzing by the end of July.
Hope to see you all in Ames.  Travel safe!
Ruth (Burkhalter) Bosley
1934 Wilaray T.
Cincinnati, OH  45230
rbosley (at) GAIC.COM