Greetings, Everyone!  I have greatly enjoyed reading the bios!  

We have been in Cedar Falls, Iowa since 1984.  Sorry we will not be attending the reunion, as I will be in Seattle.  How I got there is a story, but we'll get to it. 

Attended ISU:  Family Environment BS '78,  Mrs '76, and graduate work until first daughter, Sarah came in '83.  Bryan majored in horticulture at ISU;  we celebrated 28 years in June, and he is a tolerant patient man.  Sarah is now 21, was a Nat'l Merit Scholar, and is studying Mechanical Engineering at ISU.  Laura, our second daughter, graduated in May and will attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids, in Art and Psychology.  (Why are children of the same family so opposite?) 

While being a Mom is my most important career, I've had several other callings.  Once Laura became 3, I began to work for a local physical therapy clinic.  My Master's work was in gerontology, so it was a good fit.  I worked with nursing home and Alzheimer's patients.  When the Congressional caps on Medicare forced layoffs, I stretched and landed the job as pharm.  rep, a contract job that lasted 3 years. 

The reason for Seattle really began at ISU, where my love was touring with the ISU Singers (concert choir).  In 1998, a group of Singers alum's went on tour to Australia.  Being in my "Mid-life Reevaluation Period",  I ended up in the galley, befriended by the flight attendants.  

And, yes, I am now one. (Sorry about the grad school, Dad!)  I fly for a company called ATA Airlines.  We are the 10th largest major carrier in the US. I am based in Chicago.  We do a large number of military charters, and  I've been places I never would have dreamed: much time in Cyprus and Ireland, but also Germany, England, Turkey, and some places you've seen on the news. 

In March I helped bring the Puerto Rican Nat'l Guard home.  That was thrilling, and the San Juan layover wasn't bad, either. 

The future still holds promise, and even if the airline industry doesn't keep me, I've learned the rewards of taking risks and overcoming personal fears. 

We're grateful every day for good health and family, and we wish the same for you.  Have a great reunion! 

Sincerely,  Patty (Strain) Foster 
Skylark2b (at)