Hey, (old) fellow Little Cyclones!
I've enjoyed reading everybody's online bio (including about Tiny's grandfatherhood!).  WE SEEM TOO YOUNG TO BE GRANDPA'S!  Most of us have settled into that long sought after American dream(?) of loving spouse, house in the 'burbs, kids in college, and payments to everybody!  Include me in that list.
My beautiful wife, Lori, and I just celebrated 3 happy years together.   Not too bad out of 26 years of marriage!  (just kidding Baby)     Our two children, Pat and Cari, both out of college (Go Jayhawks!), are setting out in pursuit of the same dreams we started in the 70's, love, world peace, and happiness.  Love and happiness are achievable...world peace still appears a long ways off.
After a 20 year career owning and running a chain of lumberyards and assorted other entities, I sold out and took some time off to "reassess".  Where that evaluation took me has profoundly changed my life.
About  5 years ago, I began doing some mentoring of teenagers.  It was a blast!   What I got was a (mostly) eager group of kids, seeking attention and looking for advice and a positive role model!  What a great soapbox for a sales guy like me!  To date, I've mentored about 500 youth and the curriculum I wrote is now being used in about 180 school districts nationwide for mentoring programs.  It feels great to be able to give something to somebody who wants it!  Try it!
I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the Reunion '74 gala event(s) as I have to be in Utah for a conference.  I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing from everybody.  Will something be published?
A big THANKS to the Reunion Committee for all the hard work!
Hopefully, we'll talk        soon!