I'm raising California boys!  This seems very weird.
Graduated medical school in Des Moines in 1986 and finished my training in Duluth where I practiced for a few years.  Eventually, came to southern California in 1993 and have been on faculty at Loma Linda University in Family Medicine ever since.   Teach residents, medical students and now run the faculty clinic.   I find such a conservative (Adventist) place a strain sometimes, but mostly thrive surrounded by excellent folks taking good care of patients.   A monster medical center is an odd place to be an osteopathic family doctor, but it works.
Am almost final with an amicable divorce (after 12 years, the divorce was my idea) and share 50% custody with my college professor husband.   We have 2 boys, 10 and 8 years old, (I'm a late bloomer).   We have stayed in the same town and the kids can skate to school from my place.   We are all doing OK and I feel like I have crawled out from under some rock and can now start to breathe again.
Medically things have also been crazy.   Had a large benign brain tumor removed in 2000 and returned to normal except for fatigue and a bit of 'tilt'.   I run into door jams with disturbing regularity.   This year finally had back surgery after a disc decided to take up more space than it was allotted. It would not go away and the leg got weak.   The body/mind connection is alive and well and things can only get better.   Time to focus a bit on me and keep healing.   I also got a note from my doctor and don't have to do call anymore!   It's amazing what sleeping every night does for a person.   I miss delivering babies, but my brain works better.
Sam, Nate and I will be in Ames.                 Looking forward to it!