Hey there everybody! 

Still living in Montana 23 years now; the Seeley-Swan Valley, a beautiful valley with 35 lakes and just as many snow capped mountains.

Finally listened to my mother, got my real estate license in 1997 and now own my own company.  Business is booming as Montana is rapidly becoming known as "The Playground of the Wealthy Californians". (Most days I wish they'd all go home!) 

My husband still works for the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Dept. as a State Game Warden. He spends most of the summer trapping and relocating the wild animals those  "Wealthy Californians"   can't figure out how to live with. They move here wanting that wilderness experience, then freak out when they see wildlife. Oh well, it keeps us both employed! 

Our daughter just graduated from High School and is off to play College Basketball in Idaho.  We hope she has as much success as her cousin Dan...(starting center, N.E. Patriots, rookie year, Superbowl champs!) 

Our 16 year old son will be a sophomore, so 3 more years and we're kid-less! Wow, what a thought! 

Looking forward to seeing all of you! 

Kim Eschbach Koppen
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