Ev Cochrane  -  outta this world.
The Cochrane family has been truly blessed these past few years.  My lovely wife, Peggy Sue, teaches Sunday school and has just been named local chairman for the re-election of George Bush.  Our son Biff is now in his third year of medical school at Harvard.  Daughter Biancha is a cheerleader at ISU. As for yours truly, I've been attending Promise Keeper's meetings in the attempt to be a better spouse and father. God bless America!
Reading through the bios of my friends from the class of 1973, this was the kind of mind-numbing crap that appeared with disturbing frequency.  It was enough to make you sick (or awfully cynical).  For better or for worse, I haven't changed much since 1974.  I'm still single and an ineligible bachelor, as it were (no sane woman would have me).  I still play basketball virtually every day at State Gym.  I continue to hang out with close friends such as Peter Crump, Chuck Harmison, and Randy Larson.  And I still have a crush on Julie Hensley.
After graduating from ISU, I bounced around the country teaching high-school and working odd jobs.  Alas, the lure of State Gym and old friends proved to be too much and soon I was back in Ames, where I have remained hard at play ever since.  To earn a living I dabble in real estate and property management.  But my main claim to infamy is as a writer and researcher (www.maverickscience.com).  Here's hoping all is well with my friends and classmates of 1974.          
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