Sitting here I am trying to think of the best way to put what I have done for the last 30 years since high school.  I thought life was all about getting married and having a family.  I guess some of you were lucky and that is what you got the first time.  Not so for me, it took me some very hard times first but at long last I have found my peace and the family life I have been looking so hard to achieve.  I have been with my husband now for 6 years and we married just 2 years ago.  Geoff and I owned a small business in the town of Narrogin in Western Australia that he started in 1985.  We have just closed that business and embarked on a new challenge.  Geoff is a farm manager for an 18,000-acre farm and I have retired to do what I want.  I will go with him sometimes in the paddocks but mainly will be at home.  The house that we have moved to is in a town called Dudinin (like Do dinin) with only 6 houses and 16 people in the whole town located 80 klms for Narrogin.  I will be very busy painting things around the house and I will also take a class on Folk Art very soon.  I love to read books and hope to now have the time to relax with a good book.
Since leaving school I have worked in several places mainly doing bookkeeping and secretarial work.  I moved to Australia in 1992 with my two children, John now 23 and Rachel now 16.  We love it here and the life style is wonderful.  John is now in the capital city of Perth and working as a fulltime sales person.  Rachel is in year 11 doing study for University to be a primary school teacher.  Rachel is living at the school as we live in the bush and it is too far to travel everyday by bus.  When you have children, that is what your life is all about and mine has been no different.  Now I hope to have more time for me.  My husband has 3 children that are all grown and his daughter has two children so I am Nanna Lane.  I love spending time with the boys, Seth 3 and Jack 2. 
I have kept in contact with a few people from our class over the 30 years (you know who you are) and I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  It has been 9 years since I was back and my husband has never been to the US so he is very excited we are going.  See you all in July.
Elaine Homer Whiteford