Well, just like in high school, I'm waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment that I've known about for months!  I'm finally setting my butt down to complete a bio to try and capture the last 30 years since high school. 

I currently live in a suburb of Chicago and have for the last 23 years. 

For 22 of those years, I've worked at Motorola in a variety of careers, the last one being a manager in the field of training and organizational development.  I manage a team of project managers.   We have, so far (keep your fingers crossed), kept our jobs through years of layoffs that have reduced the company to one-third its original size.  While Motorola is a great company to work for, it remains simply a way for me to earn money to do the things I love. 

While I tended to be quiet and uninvolved in high school, I am making up for that now!  There is rarely a night that I am at home.  Spare time during the week and on weekends is spent playing volleyball, wallyball, golf, biking, camping, etc. and traveling whenever possible with a large group of friends that I consider close family. 

One of those close friends became my second (and last!) husband about 8 years ago.  John is 10 years younger.  I'm not sure if he's keeping me young or I'm aging him before his time!   He brought two young children, Mike (9) and Amanda (12), into my life for which I am extremely grateful.   The three of them have made my life happier than I thought possible. 

I look forward to seeing all of you next weekend. 

Thanks to the committee for all the hard work. 

Candy (Anderson) Matheson 
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